Wednesday, November 25, 2015

How to Make Your Photo Christmas Card on PowerPoint for .10 cents Each

I love to save money. I love designing creative lessons on PowerPoint. I love merging two loves together. ;)

Our 2015 Christmas Card made on PowerPoint 

Here is a tutorial for making your own photo Christmas card using PowerPoint: 

****Please note that the trial and tribulation it took to set up a tripod and get our dog to cooperate for at least one picture is not included in these steps ;). 

1. Open up a PowerPoint slide. 
2. Go to "Design." 
3. Change the size of the slide. If you want your cards to be printed as regular 4x6 prints, then double the size on your PowerPoint. So, 4x2=8 (height) and 6x2=12 (width). The same concept applies to other size choices. The reason you double the size is so that it won't be blurry once it saves to a JPEG file for printing.

 4. Go to Esty or Teachers Pay Teachers and find some digital paper that you like. You can find SO many FREE digital papers on Teachers Pay Teachers. You can also buy some even better ones on there for like $1. I went with Etsy this time though because I couldn't find this exact color of plaid that I liked on Teachers Pay Teachers. You can also go crazy and find tons of digital art to add to your card such as stockings, wreaths, and deer antler clip art.

5. Download and EXTRACT the files you just bought. This step is essential. You won't get a transparent background if you don't do this. 

 6. From there you just add in the digital paper and photos that you want to use. Under the Crop tab, you can crop your photos right inside the program and can even crop them to a shape such as a circle if you wish. You can also go to "format photo" and add a frame around your pictures.You can also add in text boxes to add words to your card (I wish that I would have filled in our text box on the left of our card because it's kind of hard to see the words). You can find tons of free fonts online--just search Google for the type of font you are looking for like "free Christmas fonts" and then download. TeachersPayTeachers has FREE fonts for personal use as well.

7 Once you have it to your liking, go to "File, Save As" and choose "JPEG." This will save it into a picture format.

7. Go to WalGreens or where ever you order your photos and order them as 4X6 prints. Be sure to remember the coupon code! As you can see, I ordered 51 prints for $5.10. #WINNING

If you like writing on yours, then you can buy those fancy oval labels at Staples or WalMart and stick them right on the back of each photo card. Or, you can just use a sharpie pen if the backs are blank.

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